It’s a week and a half before Christmas. So there’s no excuses.

“Guys make a lot of personal sacrifice. Guys play their guts out on both sides when those two teams come together.”

Before hosting the Patriots (10-2) for a Week 15 clash that could determine home-field in the AFC playoff picture, the Steelers (10-2) will focus on another AFC North showdown against the Ravens (7-5) at 8:30 p.m. ET Sunday.

However, while it may not be surprising that some NFL fans likely don’t even know Ngakoue’s name, at this point it’s damn-near disrespectful.

When we talk about the top young pass rushers in the league, it’s certainly fine to point out guys like Vic Beasley and Joey Bosa, but Ngakoue should be in that conversation as well. As a third-round pick there is no doubt that Ngakoue was a steal in the 2016 draft. All he has done since coming into the league is go about the business of kicking ass and getting sacks.

Magic head coach Frank Vogel surely wasn’t happy about the disparity at the free throw line, where the Hawks made 18 of 25 to his team’s 7 of 8. “No comment,” he said. “Look, we played hard and played the right way. I’m proud of the effort.”

“Our students, our fans, we have to go to this game. We have to,” Middle Tennessee State coach Rick Stockstill said.

“We’ve said now for two years, ‘It’s too hard to get to the Bahamas. It’s too hard to get to Hawaii. It’s hard.’ And I understand that. But now we’re four hours away. It’s on a perfect date. It’s on a Saturday.”

The Blue Raiders were the only Conference USA team to face three Power Five opponents this season. They were one of only two teams from the conference to secure a win against a Power Five team when they upset Syracuse 30-23 on Sept. 2.canadiens_010_22b1189f1c421dac-140x140

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