Joe Morgan asks voters to block PED users from Hall of Fame

Baseball Hall of Fame voters grappling with issues involving performance-enhancing drugs received an email advisory Tuesday from an unexpected source.

This doesn’t mean Hundley should become a high-volume runner; he doesn’t need to be with the emergence of Jones. It’s about using his mobility to get him off the spot to make him a more dangerous passer, showing why he was drafted to play behind Rodgers in the first place.

This might be the biggest thing. The Packers need Hundley to be a confident playmaker, not a cautious caretaker, given their persistent defensive issues. With an attack mentality, there will be more of the mental and physical miscues Rodgers rarely makes.

Hundley’s performances against the Vikings and Saints could have rattled him, so it’s a good sign that he’s looking at those rough games as an opportunity come back stronger.

“Just trying to get out ahead of him as much as possible, I think, is key,” George said. “That way, when he’s making plays in full court, I’m already in position, ready to receive the ball instead of catching up, getting my feet ready, trying to decide what to do. I’m ready to shoot or attack at that point.”

Westbrook, who enjoyed as great a solo campaign as any player in NBA history last season, got a glimpse of life as the only show in town and the first-round playoff exit that came with it. There’s a shot at a second chance for Westbrook to rekindle the spirit of the team the Thunder once had, and in the process shed any notions that fellow stars should shy away from sharing the court with OKC’s stubborn point guard.

The first month of the season has been a bumpy, stumbling, inconsistent 7-9 start, but there’s still hope for something close to that magical Westbrook-Durant combination that captivated the city for eight years.

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